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Each ROVE wheelchair is packed full of features, each carefully designed to be seemless and to make each push efficent, effortless and your life easier.

Engineered For You

Using advanced, aerospace-grade materials

and technologies, the ROVE wheelchair is

strong and ultra-lightweight.

The 3D printed titanium and carbon fibre enable

each wheelchair to be custom-fitted to your body.

Millimetre perfect.


A Chair That's All About You.

Your wheelchair should be an
extension of your individuality.
Our unique manufacturing process
provides complete customisation.

Complete Integration.  No Compromise

Integrated brake componentry allows for seamless and beautiful design.
Precise engagement. Zero extra mass.

Product_Brake Integration.jpg
Product_Air Mesh Technology.jpg

Air Mesh Upholstery.  Superior Comfort.

Fully adjustable upholstery for maximum comfort.

Our Air Mesh Technology is designed for the hot Australian summers.  It provides maximum breathability and airflow to increase long-term comfort.

Maximum airflow. Minimal mass.

Australian Designed and Made

All ROVE wheelchairs are proudly designed and handmade in Melbourne, Australia.


This allows us to tightly control the manufacturing process enabling industry-leading delivery times and exceptional after-sales support and service.


Completely Customisable.  Completely You.

Make your wheelchair as unique as you.

Choose from a massive range of options and high-quality
components to get the exact ride and feel you desire.

Intelligent Integration.  Maximum Safety.

Internal folding backrest mechanisms provide for a seamless and beautiful design.

Zero catch points. Intelligent operation.

Product_Folding Backrest.jpg
Flip Chip Technology
Product_FlipChip 1.jpg

Smart Adjustment

The ROVE wheelchair has intelligent adjustments while still being a fixed-frame chair.

Our patent-pending, flip-chip axle system allows for easy
adjustment of axle position, camber and wheel offset.
All packaged into an easily interchangeable insert.

Maximum Adjustment. Minimal Mass.

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