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  • How long does it take to manufacture a custom wheelchair?
    Our average lead time is currently 12 weeks. We are working towards a 6 week lead time as we bring more of our process’ in house.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes we do! Please get in touch so we can provide you with a quote.
  • What are the shipping costs?
    This varies depending on your location. Please get in touch so we can provide you with a quote.
  • How much does a custom 3D-printed wheelchair cost?
    The cost of a custom 3D-printed wheelchair from ROVE can vary widely depending on the specific options you choose. For instance, opting for carbon wheels would significantly increase the cost compared to choosing aluminium wheels. As a general guide, the starting price for our wheelchair frames is $12,000 AUD, and complete wheelchair packages could go up to $19,000 AUD. To get an accurate and personalised quote tailored to your specific needs, we encourage you to get in touch with us.
  • Is there a cost difference between customisation options?
    Yes and no. Most of our customization options are already included in the base cost of the wheelchair, providing you with a wide range of choices without additional charges. However, some very unique or specialised requests may incur a customisation fee. The cost of such customisations is dependent on the complexity of the requirement and the time it takes for our engineers to develop a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.
  • Do you offer financing or payment plans?
    At this stage we don't offer financing and payment plans.
  • What are the advantages of using titanium and carbon materials in the Rove wheelchair?
    The Rove wheelchair's innovative design combines the unique advantages of both titanium and carbon fibre materials for an optimised experience. Carbon fibre contributes to the chair's ultra-lightweight nature, enhancing manoeuvrability, while its strategic placement in protected areas ensures durability. Titanium material placement ensures that the wheelchair is durable, especially in high-impact and wear-prone zones. Users have praised the smooth, efficient ride quality, attributable in part to carbon fibre's stiffness that allows for greater pushing efficiency without energy loss through frame flex. Additionally, titanium 'lugs' or joints serve as cushioning elements that absorb high-frequency vibrations, making the ride more comfortable compared to wheelchairs constructed solely of carbon fibre.
  • Is the Rove wheelchair lighter or heavier compared to traditional wheelchairs?
    The Rove wheelchairs are generally lighter than traditional wheelchairs. Additive manufacturing - commonly known as 3D printing - grants us greater flexibility in the design process. This allows for optimised material distribution—adding thickness in high-stress areas and reducing it where it's not needed. This design freedom enables the production of frames that are highly optimised for various loading conditions, making the wheelchair both durable and lightweight. Another advantage of using 3D printing technology is the stylistic freedom it offers. This enables us to create unique and aesthetically pleasing wheelchair designs that are difficult for other manufacturers to replicate using traditional methods. The Rove chair blends durability and innovative designs, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight yet robust wheelchair.
  • How durable is the Rove wheelchair?
    The ROVE wheelchair has been designed with durability as its primary objective. We understand that the longevity and reliability of your wheelchair are crucial for your mobility and overall confidence. We recognise that wheelchairs have a hard life, being used in all situations in a wheelchair users active daily life. That’s why we've incorporated titanium, a material renowned for its strength and lightness, and commonly used in aerospace applications. The placement of titanium in the wheelchair is used in high-impact and wear-prone areas. The material is thicker in spots where it needs to be, adding to the overall durability of the wheelchair. We have conducted numerous tests to understand the limits of our components, ensuring they meet or exceed durability expectations. Our wheelchair has been tested and certified according to Australian Standards ASNZS 3696, which includes a brutal set of tests. It is certified for user weights up to 110 kg.
  • What are the customisation options available for the wheelchair?
    The ROVE wheelchair offers an unparalleled range of customisation options, from specific measurements to functional and aesthetic choices. We offer over 25 different measurements that can be customised to suit your individual needs, ensuring a wheelchair that fits you like a glove. With over 100 different customisation options available, you can truly make the wheelchair your own. These options range from choosing between a folding or rigid backrest, selecting from various wheel sizes, to customising side guards, among many others.
  • How can I get measured for a custom fit?
    We have Rove retailers in every state of Australia, and one retailer in New Zealand. Our retailers have demo chairs for you to try out at their showroom. Visit our website to find your closest retailer!
  • Can you accommodate specific medical needs or body shapes?
    Yes, we can! At ROVE, we understand that each individual's needs and circumstances can vary widely due to different disabilities or body shapes. That's why we custom-build each wheelchair to suit your unique requirements. Whether you need a super-thin chair to navigate through narrow spaces or a larger chair to accommodate a specific body shape, we have the expertise and flexibility to tailor a wheelchair that meets your specific medical and comfort needs.
  • What kind of warranty comes with the wheelchair?
    We offer a 36-month warranty on the frame and a 12-month warranty on parts, effective from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and is designed to provide you with additional peace of mind as you experience the benefits of your new wheelchair.
  • How do I get repairs or replacement parts?
    You can reach out directly to us at for any questions regarding repairs or replacement parts. If you purchased your chair through one of our retailers, they can also help you.
  • How can I contact customer service for after-sales support?
    Reach us directly at or call us on 1300 007 683.
  • Are there accessories that can be purchased separately?
    We have a product catalogue on our website! This is updated regularly with new accessories and Rove Merch.
  • Is this wheelchair compatible with other brands of cushions or backrests?
    We recognize that our clients may have preferences for specific brands of cushions or backrests. To accommodate this, we utilise advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modelling in the design phase of your wheelchair. This enables us to create a custom frame that is compatible with a wide range of third-party cushions and backrests. Our aim is to offer you a personalised wheelchair that integrates seamlessly with your preferred accessories for the ultimate in comfort and functionality.
  • Will the wheelchair fit in a standard vehicle for transport?
    Transporting your wheelchair should never be a hassle. That's why we've designed our wheelchairs to easily fit into a standard-sized car once the wheels are removed—a process we've made as straightforward as possible. The quick and easy wheel removal allows for convenient storage and ensures that your Rove wheelchair is as versatile as your lifestyle demands.
  • Does the wheelchair meet the AS/NZS 3696 Australian Standards?
    We have conducted numerous tests to understand the limits of our components, ensuring they meet or exceed durability expectations. Our wheelchair has been tested and certified according to Australian Standards ASNZS 3696, which includes a brutal set of tests.
  • What weight limit does the wheelchair support?
    It is certified for user weights up to 110kg.
  • Is the wheelchair designed to be airline-friendly?
    Our wheelchairs are designed with travel in mind and are built to be as airline-friendly as possible. While we have engineered them to withstand a variety of conditions, it's worth noting that the treatment of wheelchairs in airline cargo holds can sometimes be unpredictable. While our wheelchairs are robust, we cannot guarantee against potential damage that could occur under such conditions. We always recommend taking additional protective measures when flying, such as discussing specific handling instructions with airline staff.
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